Meet Our Grant Recipients

Meet Silvia
Three- time Grant Recipient since 2021

What does the New York Cancer Foundation mean to Silvia?

"I am a retired translator-English-Spanish. I'm divorced, no children, no siblings. All my relatives are in Argentina. New York City has been my beloved adoptive home for 49 years. But things changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2020. The long and frightening treatment with mastectomy followed, during the isolation of the pandemic. The medical bills, so many, fell over my small budget- besides struggling with rent and basic expenses, all beyond the limited insurance. I am also a writer of novels and short stories and yet I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to the New York Cancer Foundation for the generous support. Not only financially, which was so very needed, but also the kindness, the warmth of the ladies of the foundation, with whom I talked on the phone so many times. They made me feel I was not alone. Not enough words. Only a big "Thank you" from the deepest of my heart. What you do for those of us struggling with cancer and a limited budget is a blessing beyond description. " 

Meet Ivelisse
Two- time Grant Recipient since 2022

"I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on December 10th, 2020. That day changed my whole life forever. During this difficult time, I was able to see who the people were in my life. It showed me that I didn't have a strong support system as I originally thought I had. I became very distant and withdrawn. Through this time, I still got up and went to work as per diem, and picked up shifts where I could. It wasn't easy but I knew that with the will of God I can push through. As we all know, things have become increasingly difficult to survive as a single person in NY. I do not qualify for cerain benefits working part time. I appreciate the foundation's existence to be able to assist those in need during tough times."

Meet Carl 
First- time Grant Recipient in 2023

"I was devastated with my diagnosis and the struggles that came with it. I was depressed, sad, and worried. I overcame the struggle and prayer helped me. I am also grateful for the New York Cancer Foundation and appreciate what they did for me. I was so overwhelmed with my bills and devastated. You all took a burden off my hands and I was so surprised when I realized you paid $2,500 toward my bills, and I am now up to date with all of my bills! It was a dark cloud and it had become a sunny day when you all helped me! I was overwhelmed with joy! Thank you for your help! It really touched my heart."

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Our mission is to help relieve the financial stresses experienced by patients who are under care for a cancer diagnosis.