Meet Our Grant Recipients

Meet Laura
Three- time Grant Recipient since 2017

For the past 15 years, Laura has battled cancer that began as ovarian cancer, then metastasized to her brain. Laura, a single mother of two children, had always been the sole supporter of her family. She worked in the grocery store industry for 20 years, and during her illness, she found herself lacking support in the workplace, and inevitably unemployed. Laura was referred to the New York Cancer Foundation in 2017, and has been receiving financial assistance for the past three years. Laura has been under the care of New York Cancer and Blood Specialists and is doing very well with her treatments! Laura volunteers at Foundation events, and was the guest of honor at the Inaugural Raising Hope Gala in 2019. 

What does the New York Cancer Foundation mean to Laura?

"They are like angels to me. They've helped me in so many ways.  I just can't even express the gratitude. They helped us out financially and emotionally.  Actually at the time when I was working they came to my job and collected whatever information they needed. They've been there for me every step of the way. They have gone way beyond my expectations. They've helped me with my rent, utilities, and food. I'm forever grateful. " - Laura

Meet Josue
First- time Grant Recipient in 2020

Josue was a grill chef back in 2015 when he began to experience memory loss. The incidents greatly impacted his job and finally at the behest of his wife and daughter he went for an MRI. The results of the test showed a cancerous brain tumor that needed to be removed surgically, followed by chemotherapy. Josue still experiences seizures and memory loss as a result, and therefore, is unable to work. Josue is a patient of Northwell Health and lives in Nassau County, Long Island. 

Meet Theresa 
Three- time Grant Recipient since 2017

Theresa is 74 years young and was a factory worker most of her life, but during a battle with pneumonia in 2013, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Two years later, after finding a lump, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Theresa was also a single mother, so the burden of her illness took a great toll on her financially, and now unable to work she found herself under  significant financial strain. In 2017, Theresa, now a patient of New York Cancer and Blood Specialists, was referred to the New York Cancer Foundation. Since then, she has been a recipient of an annual grant which helps with her daily living expenses. During COVID-19, the Foundation was able to provide weekly meals for Theresa and her daughter. During the 2020 holiday season, Theresa was chosen for the Adopt-A-Family Program and received a traditional holiday meal as well as gifts under her tree. 

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Our mission is to help relieve the financial stresses experienced by patients who are under care for a cancer diagnosis.